Ninja Trader 8 Delta Volume Supply and Demand Indicator and Chart Trader for Futures, Stocks and Forex.

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Delta Volume Supply & Demand with Chart Trader for Futures Forex and Stocks for Ninja Trader 8


  • Chart Trader Assistance

    Chart Trader is coded to follow the rules of the system and trade, no more emotional issues with entry and exit

  • Works With Evaluatons and Live Funded Accounts

    Can be used on any size account with either micros or minis. Compatible with any market you choose to trade.

  • Delta Volume With Supply & Demand

    Buy and Sell signals on the chart show when demand or supply is in control via Red and Green Triangles

Time Charts

5 Minute for entries on the left and a 30 minute for Higher Time Frame on the right. Entry chart only takes trades in direction of the Higher Time Frame. Clear supply and demand on both with signals.

Tick Charts

2000 Tick chart on the left for entries and a 10000 Tick on the right for Higher Time Frame. Clear supply and demand signals on both.

Range Charts

30 Range on the left and a 150 Range on the right for the Higher Time Frame. Clear signals on both.

Chart Trader

Chart Trader helps take the emotion out of trading. Follows the system rules everytime.

Use the chart trader to help guard against impulse buying and selling

Candle Trail, Break even and Close by delta can be turned off and on mid trade to assist with exits at the right time.

The key is to let winners run and get out when market is against you. Helps getting in and out at the right time for a good reason. Not because emotions are in telling you to.

The Details

  • Works in ALL Markets
  • Only for NinjaTrader 8 Platform
  • Plenty of opportunities to make your daily goal and be done trading in a short amount of time.
  • Chart Trader included to take the emotional factor out of trading.
  • Prop firm compliant for evaluations or any live funded account
  • Buy and Sell signals relative to the Delta Volume and the Supply and Demand on the chart
  • This tells you exactly what is happening right now.
  • Does not lag or repaint
  • Clean, uncluttered, simple chart
  • Camarilla Pivots Included
  • Created by a Fulltime Trader for Traders
  • Templates and premade settings included.
  • Can be used as a complete stand alone system or compliment your current system.
  • $899 for 1 Lifetime License
  • Free 7 day trial