Delta Volume Supply and Demand Delta Indicator for Futures, Stocks and Forex. Ninja Trader 8

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Delta Volume Supply & Demand with Chart Trader for Futures Forex and Stocks for Ninja Trader 8


  • Trading Firm Compliant

    Can be used to help pass evaluation accounts.

  • Works With Live Funded Accounts

    Can be used on any size account with either micros or minis. Compatible with any market you choose to trade.

  • Delta Volume With Supply & Demand

    Buy and Sell signals on the chart show when demand or supply is in control via Red and Green Triangles

The Details

  • Works in ALL Markets
  • Only for NinjaTrader 8 Platform
  • Plenty of opportunities to make your daily goal and be done trading in a short amount of time.
  • Buy and Sell signals right on the Chart
  • Prop firm compliant for evaluations or any live funded account
  • Buy and Sell signals relative to the Delta Volume and the Supply and Demand on the chart
  • This tells you exactly what is happening right now.
  • Does not lag or repaint
  • Clean, uncluttered, simple chart
  • Camarilla Pivots Included
  • Created by a Fulltime Trader for Traders
  • For a price quote go to the contact page